The Ranch That Built Me.

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Looking at this weathered old sign, you might not think there is much to this place, to me you would be wrong. It's the foundation of my upbringing, a place that ties my wild soul to the earth, it is home. I can remember the day we moved here, I was five years old, and being a ranch kid meant that sometimes new trails had to be forged based on cattle market circumstances. Looking back I could never imagine the kind of impact this change would have on my life.

The memories on this ranch are the backbone of my childhood. It's not just the sagebrush landscape, or the old yellow house that has my heart. It's the days spent horseback, moving cattle from dawn till dusk. The hours spent shooting at the old wooden basketball hoop nailed to a telephone pole above the flattest spot of grass. The hay stack that was our post branding playground. Getting dragged around the corral by my 4-H steer. The river that was our local swimming pool and crawdad catching fortes. The fields of sage rats (gophers) that met their unfortunate fate by gun fire. I could go on and on.

So why are all these memories so important? They are the building blocks of my life's values. They taught me hard work, that earning what you want is more fulfilling than if it were handed to you. How to use my creativity as an avenue for happiness, entertainment, and problem solving. To be tuff, strong and fearless, you can't last long in the desert without these. Last they taught me the satisfaction in a hard days work, and how rest feels that much better after you've earned it.

I was raised by a man whom worked his way from a ranch manager to running his own cattle operation, and a mother who at the age of 43 pursued her life long career dream and is now is a small business owner. Neither of these achievements were ever handed to my parents, and although they have always supported me in my endeavors, they have made me pursue my passions on my own. Pushing me to become my best and making sure that I work hard for what I want, knowing I will appreciate it so much more than if it was given to me.

I attribute so much of who I am today to this ranch, and the maker behind The Rebel Sagebrush would not be here today if it wasn't for Cold Springs Ranch. The values I learned from my childhood carry over into every piece I make. I am mostly self taught, all the pieces you see today are designed by me, created from constant trial and error, and the determination to perfect my products and grow my business. I know many of you reading this can relate to my upbringing and I hope that wherever you call home, has instilled strong values in you. That these values push you to chase your passions and dreams. I pray these values continue to get passed down from generation to generation and the American rancher will continue to be strong and raise strong children.

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